About Mydialer

My dialer is designed to deliver digital payment of  product whereby all voice call, data top-up, bill payments are being paid digitally online.

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Recharge Mobiles Online

  1. Fast & secure top up service
  2. Send airtime & data  to 750 plus mobile operators
  3. Send mobile top-up to any of the 150 plus  countries from anywhere , anytime.
  4. Reload in  minutes airtime credit  & data in few easy steps.
  5. Great offers for instant top ups
  6. Stay with families, friends and loves in a click.

How to Send Top-Up

Follow the following steps to recharge:

Method ( International Top-Up)

At button of the mydialer.net website you will find Our Mobile Phones Top-up Mobile button( most probably in red color). Just start by selecting/clicking on it  and the an on screen recharge wizard will pop up. No signup/registration/login is required.

Enter the phone number you wish to recharge/top up in international format and click on the next button to proceed. We support more than 180 countries phone numbers.

On this screen, our intelligent mobile top up wizard will filter all the mobile operators available in the country phone number you provided earlier. Just scroll through and click on the network operator of your choice and follow the on screen wizard to finish.

Our intelligence wizard will filter all available amounts to be purchase , just click on the amount you intend to recharge and follow the wizard to finish.

Finish your top-up process by choosing how you intend to pay and enter all required credentials and click on pay. that’s all. You or your recipient mobile account will be credited in minutes.